April Leasure, lmbt

nc license #13246
esthetics license #5658

With a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, a minor in Religious Studies, 15+ years of preventative health care education & experience, and licenses in both Esthetics & Therapeutic Massage, it is clear that I have an unceasing passion for self care!!

I have been practicing bodywork for 9 years, and I find that I am continuously learning and refining my life practices, as well as my business practices.

Within my Therapeutic Massage practice, I mainly utilize Trigger Point Therapy & Myofascial Release for Remedial Massage.  I believe that any body ‘issue’ can benefit from postural/structural analysis and treatment, and that the human body responds best with Remedial techniques.  I do not believe the the human body benefits from painful body work in order to achieve re-alignment goals!  And don’t worry-if a relaxational (rather than remedial) massage is what you are in need of, I specialize in helping you to bliss out as well!

Within my Esthetics practice, I only utilize active, food based products from Eminence Organic Skin Care.  It is difficult in this industry to find a product line that is both active in it’s approach to skin needs (anti-aging, clarifying, etc), as well as non-toxic and healthy for the body and planet.  Eminence has it all!  Products are applied with over 30 minutes of facial massage (not to mention massage of the feet, hands, arms, neck and decollette), leading to an increase in circulation, increased absorption of product, energized skin cells, collagen production (to name only a few) and feelings ranging from relaxation to euphoria!

In addition to body work, I work with restoring Appalachian native flora to our beloved mountains, I homestead with my husband, I am raising children, and I am building community here in our wonderful town.  It’s a full, wonderful life!!